Cinepoint - Rating & Box Office application from Ideosource Entertainment

Ideosource Entertainment, a subsidiary of NFCX, is increasingly showing its commitment to building the Indonesian film ecosystem. After participating in GoPlay funding, Gojek's on-demand video platform, Ideosource Entertainment invested in Cinepoint. Cinepoint is a film rating and box office application that circulates in Indonesia, both locally and internationally.

Ratings are measured through exit polls after watching, which is verified in real time. Box office data is always updated regularly, which is equipped with weekly charts as well as historical and infographic data. The synergy between Cinepoint and GoPlay is to introduce the GoPlay voucher sales program through the Cinepoint application. Users will get a cashback reward for every purchase of a GoPlay subscription package and the whole process can be done easily through WhatsApp Cinepoint, from transactions to exchange rewards.