TFAS - Sobat KerjaKu

PT Telefast Indonesia Tbk (TFAS), a subsidiary of MCAS launches Sobat KerjaKU (My Job Buddy), a digital recruitment station that would allow job seekers to drop off their Curriculum Vitae (or CV). Job seekers simply have to scan a QR code, fill out their personal data, and TFAS will match an appropriate job that commensurate with the applicant’s skills. TFAS currently has more than 10,000 partner outlets across Indonesia that can potentially be converted to HR touch points through the deployment of Sobat KerjaKU.

TFAS seeks to become an effective partner to the government’s efforts to help the average Indonesian find gainful employment, especially with youth unemployment at 16.2%, according to World Bank. TFAS recognizes the growth latency in matching a young and energetic workforce with the industries driving Indonesia’s booming economy, and seeks to unlock it through an open access to its Integrated Human Resource Solutions Platform. Furthermore, Sobat KerjaKU also functions as an innovative channel for TFAS to expand its HR database, thereby improving the success rates of job-matching efforts. With time, TFAS has the potential to become an increasingly effective HR solution provider for employers to partner with to reach out to an ever-widening pool of job applicants.