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Highlights :

Offers solution for f&b tenants to expand their business without having to open a new restaurants

KITA Kitchen

Kita Kitchen is a cloud kitchen platform for restaurant to increase delivery coverage. We innovate to provide huge advantages in food delivery market at low capital expenditure, high expansion opportunities, and reduced overhead cost. Kita Kitchen’s mission is to assist foodpreneurs focus on what really matters: Food & Branding.

To provide maximum delivery service experience for its customers, Kita Kitchen also continue to strive to expand its delivery network, one of which is to officially partnering with two of the largest ride sharing service operators in Indonesia GOJEK and GRAB.

Kita Kitchen continues to expand the scope of its service area, which currently has launched in Pesanggrahan which has 15 kitchen spots and 14 spots has been occupied by kitchen partners. Kita Kitchen soon will be expanded into 14 kitchen points spread throughout the Greater Jakarta area.

Key partners :

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