As a digital infrastructures company, the Company's central tenet is the distribution of digital products and the provision of digital services. As such, goods and services transacted on our platform produce little to no bodily waste such as paper, given the minimal physical inventory required. More importantly, the Company promotes contactless initiatives, which would help reduce waste production associated with physical contact between humans. For example, through the growth of the Group's WhatsApp for Business (WABA) platform, the Group was able to engage in commercial and marketing activities with clients and customers without opening physical channels. The Group communicated safely with users of its platform and helped these users observe large-scale social distancing through the services provided on the WABA platform.

In regards to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Group, through its subsidiary PT Dam Korporindo Digital, has partnered with Indonesia's Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to provide official information and latest updates on the pandemic through the Group's WABA platform. The chatbot platform allows users to receive various real-time data, including the number of cases nationwide, steps to take for safety, available test centers, and more. This partnership is in the effort of keeping society informed and reducing the number of cases in Indonesia. Particularly for the fulfillment of environmental responsibility, the Company, through its subsidiary, PT Surya Teknologi Perkasa, deployed hundreds of bikes in Jakarta under GOWES bike-sharing initiative in collaboration with DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. GOWES is an eco-friendly short distance transportation initiative designed for urban people, supporting their mobility and enabling them to exercise while moving around town GOWES does not emit any carbon and does not produce any noise pollution.Regarding employment practices and community empowerment, the Company has been carrying out its social responsibility since its initial public offering by integrating social responsibility policies and plans into its business model, called Integrated Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2020, the Company, in collaboration with PT Sicepat Ekspres, also participated in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) masks distribution to help vulnerable people affected
by the pandemic. In addition, the Group also worked with TransJakarta to launch KasirKu, a self-help ticketing kiosk, at bus stations to help commuters observe social distancing under New Normal conditions. 

*Source : PT M Cash Integrasi Tbk. Annual Report 2020