As a manifestation of its environmental responsibility, in 2018 the Company through its subsidiary, PT Surya Teknologi Perkasa, and its bike sharing service called “GOWES” collaborated with the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government to provide a free bike service for all visitors to the National Monument (Monas) in Jakarta, throughout the period of 27 July until 27 October 2018. GOWES is an eco-friendly short-distance transportation solution that caters perfectly to the needs of urbanites. GOWES does not produce any noise pollution and encourages people to exercise, and it is also friendly to the environment owing to its zero carbon emission to the atmosphere.


For its corporate social responsibility-related aspects, such as employment practices and community empowerment, ever since its initial public offering, the Company has been undertaking various social responsibility programs by integrating the policies and planning into its business model. This concept is called the Integrated Corporate Social Responsibility. So as to deliver even more positive social impacts, in 2018 the Company with its parent,

PT Kresna Graha Investama Tbk (KREN), made a donation to alleviate the hardship of the victims of the earthquake in Lombok. The donation comprised clothings, food materials, tents, education

facilities, and trauma healing services for the affected.