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Increase Engagement through
Communication Between Business and Customers
Connect quickly and easily with
84.8 million Whatsapp users in Indonesia
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Damcorp WhatsApp Business API provides an easy communication platform to connect businesses and customers. It is a simple, efficient & easy-to-use customer engagement platform that can support your business to connect quickly and easily with 84.8 million Whatsapp users in Indonesia.
Damcorp Whatsapp Business API utilizes the latest artificial intelligence technology to deliver the best communication solutions, helping to increase engagement and a better customer experience. 
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More than 200 companies
Now Damcorp has successfully implemented the Whatsapp Business API to more than 200 companies, as a platform to support communication between businesses and customers.
Why choose Damcorp?

Broadcast various messages quickly to customers
Embed your product catalog for a personalized buying experience
Integrate extensive payment options and logistics services
Receive verified green check marks to gain customer trust

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It's time to increase your business customer engagement and satisfaction through the Damcorp Whatsapp Business API!
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