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whistleblowing system

The Company runs the function of receiving, investigating, handling and resolving grievances or whistleblowing reports on any violation of the Company’s rules or any regulations pertinent to the Company’s business, which is currently carried out by the Internal Audit Unit.
The Internal Audit Unit maintains confidentiality and protects the identity of the reporters or whistleblowers within reasonable bounds and in accordance with the Law No. 31/2014 on Witness and Victim Protection.
The results of the handling of grievances or whistleblowing reports are reported by the Internal Audit Unit to the President Director and the Audit Committee, to be used as a consideration by management for future improvement. In 2023, the Company received no reports of violations, either those that occurred in the Company's internal or external environment.

Anti - Corruption Policy

The Company strives to implement clean and healthy business activities, for which the Company establishes an anti-corruption policy that is applied to all Company personnel. The policy is formulated to create a conducive and comfortable work environment, increase understanding of the negative impacts of corrupt activities on the Company's personnel and establish good relationships with customers and business partners. The Company continues to disseminate information related to anti - corruption policies through the Company's website and periodically conveys it in the internal activities of each unit/division/department of work.

Implementation Of Corporate Governance Guideline for Public Companies

The Company always complies with all regulations of the Financial Services Authority, which has compiled guidelines for companies regarding the implementation of the Guidelines for Good Corporate Governance contained in the Circular Letter No. 32/SEOJK.04/2015. The policies include aspects, principles and recommendations in comprehensive GCG management.
Throughout 2023, the Company has complied with all the contents of the public company governance guidelines and implemented them effectively and adequately.

*Source: PT M Cash Integrasi Tbk. Annual Report 2023

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