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whistleblowing system

The function of receiving, investigating, handling, and resolving grievances or whistleblowing reports on any violation of the Company’s rules or any regulations pertaining to the Company’s business, is currently carried out by the Internal Audit Unit. Until the end of 2021, the Company had yet to implement a formal mechanism to run a whistleblowing system. The Internal Audit Unit maintains confidentiality and protects the identity of the reporters or whistleblowers within reasonable bounds and in accordance with the Law No. 31/2014 on Witness and Victim Protection The results of handling grievances or whistleblowing reports are reported by the Internal Audit Unit to the President Director and the Audit Committee to be used as a consideration by management for future improvements. In 2021, the Company did not receive any reports of internal or external violations.

*Source : PT M Cash Integrasi Tbk. Annual Report 2021

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